“Home” by Nola Chesworth

The crunch of the gravel as the small feet bounce in a hurry,

Lingering scents of roses perfume the air.

What will be discovered?

The heavy wooden doors, opened thousands of times before;

with hundreds of unique stories to tell,

lead us to the walls that contain the spaces where countless treasured memories have been


Burnt orange walls, and geometric wooden floors, the creak of the boards,

Or the echo of a bell.

The antique lace draped behind the panes,

Flowing in the breeze.

The sun beams in,

And catches a smile.

Behind each door, a new world to discover.

Opulence, comfort, beauty and peace.

In harmony together

At one with nature.

Sharing food, sharing space, sharing life.

Contagious laughter floating freely from room to room.

We all catch it.

The lilac flowers, attract swarms of customers,

Who gather sweet nectar to take their queen.

They share with us, their golden treasure,

The sweetness unique to this hive of workers,

We lick our lips as we savour each drop.

A patchwork of green, with tomato jewels,

The click as we pick from stem to mouth the freshest taste to taste.

Hide and seek with the roots

that will soon be mashed and boiled, sliced and devoured.

The yellow crepe paper leaves of the future Autumn harvest uncurling each day,

Revealing a little more of a new life.

An abundant basket with gifts from the earth,

We unwrap and prepare.

From earth to table.

Just a few short steps.

The sunset the backdrop,

Fresh laundry dancing in the summer breeze.

We dance together.

The bleat from the barn draws us closer,

Our friends, our colleagues, our pets.

They give us their milk, they give us their eggs. They nourish us.

We thank them.

We make their beds, soft from the hay.

A comforting stroke on the head, a gentle song.

The sleepy breathing – we will soon join you in slumber.

Whispers of friends,

A secret shared in the night, never to be retold, a gift held close, a special bond.

Tip-toe-tip-toe, we do not disturb.

Keep the peace.

We sleep,

We dream of tomorrow.

The heavy wooden doors, opened thousands of times before;

with hundreds of unique stories to tell,

welcoming hundreds more.

Welcome to Białka.

Welcome home.