Our mission, goals and purpose

Dear All,

Being an educator for over 20 years, I perfectly understand the importance of space and a properly prepared environment to respond to the needs of young people regardless of their stage of development.

Therefore, I would like to invite everyone – adults and children – to get to know the place which was in fact established to provide students with access to a broad and comprehensive education. It is a “school of life”, which gives children the opportunity to acquire both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, to live on a farm in full symbiosis with nature and contributes to the full development of every young person regardless of the amount of time he or she spends there.

Montessori Farm School puts in practice the idea of a school where students, while living and learning together, simultaneously build their own community. The boarding school – farm opens the possibility of home education in a friendly and cosy environment.

However, Folwark Białka is not only a school. The historic palace and the park surroundings invite you to use our space all year round. We organize Green Schools here, thematic integration trips for children and teenagers, year-round trips to the farm as well as holidays. It is a wonderful space with a beautiful,historic palace whose doors are open for you to enjoy the full charm and consider all the possibilities of the place, so…

Welcome to Białka, our common home.

Małgosia Tarnowska