Why Farm School?

Dr. Maria Montessori taught that adolescence is a time of intense preparation for adult life and as such it requires that young people should have an opportunity to function independently in a community where, by living and working together, they would acquire competences for their entire life. Montessori Farm School prepares young people for taking up duties similar to those of adults which will undoubtedly result in building solid foundations and a base in young people for entering adulthood.

While staying and working on the farm, students learn how to live with other people and by creating their own local community they understand better the organization of the society and experience interdependence among people.

Through this type of experience, they gain competences and skills:

– coexistence and responsibility, both individual and group,

– sharing duties and cooperation,

– experience of interdependence resulting from living in a given community,

– making decisions and accepting responsibility for them,

– time management, 

– order, responsibility for the environment (cleaning, making beds),

– running a farm (feeding animals, caring for the garden).

Why Farm School?

Montessori Farm School is an extension of the Montessori education model at the highest world level. We are inspired by the best Montessori centre in the world, which is the Hershey Montessori School in the USA, where I completed my Orientation to Adolescence Studies in 2016.

Therefore, we would like to share some great news with you today: Thanks to Norwegian funds we have managed to obtain funding for the creation of the new educational project “School with a Climate”.

Montessori Farm School is a model of top-level education which, supported by the experience and work of students, allows them to acquire competences for life. It is also a space where our students will be able to invite their colleagues from other schools all around the world as part of international exchange.

Małgosia Tarnowska

Owner and founder

Warsaw Montessori Family