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The school where the children live, or rather their country homes, can also give them the opportunity for social experience, for it is an institution organized on a larger scale and with greater freedom than the family. This organization could take the form of a private hotel as far as the management and control are concerned.

Maria Montessori

Residential schools have an enduring and well-deserved reputation in Anglo-Saxon countries. Learning and living away from the family home allows adolescents to develop on their own in a safe environment, and the trust this gives them pays off in maturity and a stronger relationship between children and parents.

Furthermore, living together allows teens to develop and mature in their micro-society, and being away from the family nest helps avoid many conflicts during the hormonal storm without damaging the existing bond between them and their parents. 

Montessori Farm School is a school that offers the opportunity to live on a farm.  The home is a historic 18th-century mansion with a kitchen, two living rooms, a huge dining room, and cosy bedrooms. Here, our students will not only learn and work. Housekeeping, learning, and working together alongside adults will allow them to experience life in a micro-society, where everyone will be able to recognize who they are and what role they play. Home – learning – working are realms that constantly intertwine with life, and therefore at Montessori Farm School too.

Living and working on the farm, young people will learn to share responsibilities, experience community responsibility, learn about rules and their importance in a socially organized environment, and begin the journey toward adulthood.  Here they live together, cook and prepare meals, are responsible for animals, budgeting, day-to-day repairs, shopping, cleaning, laundry. They learn and work in symbiosis with nature, and by running a farm – their own business – they can take full advantage of its benefits. Thus, they learn the principles of healthy, responsible living and the basics of marketing and trade, offering their products for sale on the local market.

They also have time for themselves – to relax, unwind and develop their passions in a very attractive place according to the slow life formula. 

At Montessori Farm School there is no shortage of fine arts, music, poetry, and art classes. It is through these arts, among other things, that young people have the opportunity to express themselves.

Montessori Farm School and its community is a space for holistic education, a safe place and environment for life and development, full of acceptance and respect for the sensitivity of teenagers.

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