Work – Study – Home

Young people must have enough freedom to allow them to act on individual initiative.

But in order that individual action should be free and useful at the same time it must be restricted within certain limits…

Maria Montessori

Farm House

Montessori Farm School gives young people the opportunity to live on a working farm. On the farm land stands the beautifully restored Manor House, dating back to the 18th century, this is where our students live. The house has a large working kitchen, two impressive living rooms, a grand dining room area with beautiful views across the gardens and plenty of spacious, yet cosy bedrooms. 

The house is also where our students learn and work. Running a home together, studying and working alongside adults will allow them to experience life in a micro-society where everyone is able to recognize who they are and what role they have to play. 

Home – study – work are the realms which constantly intertwine in life,

and at Montessori Farm School we are guided by this ethos.

By living and working on a farm, young people learn to share duties, experience responsibility for the community. They learn the rules and their meaning in a socially organised environment, and begin their path towards adulthood.  Here they live, cook, prepare and eat meals together. They take care of animals, plan budgets, undertake repairs and do shopping, cleaning and washing. 

They learn and work in a symbiosis with nature, and while running a farm which is also  their own business, they fully enjoy benefits such as living in an ecologically conscious  environment, learning the rules of a healthy, responsible life and the basics of marketing and trade by offering their products for sale on the local market.

Our students also have plenty of time for themselves – to relax, rest and develop their passions. Our Farm School is set in the beautiful Polish countryside that lends itself perfectly to the slow life formula.

Montessori education is the learning of life, the aim of which is to prepare our students to enter adulthood and become independent people, confident of their competences and talents, empathetic but also having a deep sense of self-worth and awareness of their place and role in the society.