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Our Summer Camps 2024

Dear Parents and Friends of Warsaw Montessori Family, It is time to sign up for our Summer Camp at Montessori Farm School! We have planned 7 unforgettable weeks at Folwark Białka from June 29 to August 2. Age of participants: 6-16. Summer Camp Dates: Languages spoken: English & Polish. English language spoken with English native […]


A letter to MFS students’ parents

 Dear Parents,  This letter is long, but please take a moment to read it, recognize it, and reflect on it. As always, we appreciate your time and partnership.  It is the second time I am writing this letter, at around the same time of year, when – as psychology says – masks of our students […]


We are creating a school where each of our students can be themselves…

The need that is so keenly felt for a reform of secondary schools concerns not only an educational, but also a human and social problem. This can be summed up in one sentence: Schools as they are today, are not adapted neither to the needs of adolescence nor to the Times in which we live. […]


Upper School of Montessori Farm School

I am honored and happy to inform you that the Upper School of Montessori Farm School opening is now definite and planned for September 1st, 2023. You might think it is a quick evolution considering the fact that we have only started in September 2022 with Montessori Farm School (5th – 8th grades) but this is a powerful, natural, and organic growth that was possible thanks to All of You, your faith in the project, your support, contribution, and partnership. As of September 2023, we will be opening a new group of high schoolers, 9th graders of the Pre IB-program. 

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