Montessori education

Letter to partents

Dear Parents, This letter is long, please take a moment to read it, recognise it and reflect on it. We would appreciate your time and partnership. We are at the beginning of the 8th week of Montessori Farm School (MFS) Folwark Bialka. It is the School of Experience in the Elements of Social Life. We run it here in Bialka along […]


A school with residential aspect…

The school where the children live, or rather their country homes, can also give them the opportunity for social experience, for it is an institution organized on a larger scale and with greater freedom than the family. This organization could take the form of a private hotel as far as the management and control are […]


Bake Sale

Support for Ukraine takes various forms everyday. The demands of volunteers are constantly changing. Thank you very much for all the gifts that have been provided to those in need. In order to develop an attitude of solidarity, community and agency in a crisis situation in students, our students from Warsaw Montessori Middle School and […]


Winter Break at Montessori Farm School

Warsaw Montessori Family invites children  (age: 6-14) to its Sleep-over Winter Camps at Montessori Farm School “Folwark Białka”, just 150 kilometres east of Warsaw.  Our Camp Weeks are held in English and run – from January 29 – February 4 – (1st week) – and February 5 – 11 – (2nd week). As well as plenty […]

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